About United Way of McLean County

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It all started when…

Our roots run deep in our community. In 1935, local community leaders founded the Community Chest of McLean County, and we began.

Over the years, our name has evolved, but our focus remains unwavering.

The United Way of McLean County fights for the well-being of our youth and families here in Bloomington, Normal, and all of the communities in McLean County. For nearly 85 years, we have supported McLean County and its residents. Through our partnerships, we’ve raised over $100,000,000, we’ve impacted hundreds of thousands of our citizens, and we’ve been a leader in innovation and progress.

Our journey started with a desire to build a strong and vibrant community. As an organization and a community, we’ve seen some profound changes in recent years that pose a threat to that vision.

At United Way, we embrace that vision, and we can continue to innovate and be a catalyst in our community.